“Francis Daniel is a visionary pastor and an outstanding leader that understands how to help churches embrace and live out their mission. He is a compassionate listener that brings wise guidance to help others strengthen their ministry for Jesus Christ. His spiritual depth and life experience undergirds his coaching in a powerful way.”

Doug Anderson
Associate Director of Church Development for the Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

“Francis has honed his ability with individual coaching to listen deeply and ask powerful questions. He then built upon that experience to apply coaching with groups and team, which is a more complicated skill set. Comes alongside those with whom he works enabling them to realize their goals.”

George G Howard
Executive Director, Global Coaching & Strategic Initiatives

“Francis with his vast experience as a local church pastor alongside his years as District Superintendent (now referred to as district mission strategist) brings great passion and insight into the work and witness of a local congregation and most especially to the strategic roll of clergy in partnership with laity. His deep listening, pastoral genuineness, uncommon curiosity, and confidence that people and places can be the change they desire in Christ will make anyone with Francis as coach most fortunate and grateful.”

Bill Gattis
Executive Director-Academy for Leadership Excellence

“I am honored to speak a word regarding Francis Daniel and his genuine love for God and people. Francis’ calm and open spirit is is both inviting and exceptional. He is a great listener and careful with the feelings of others. I am absolutely confident that he will be a deeply appreciated coach as he comes alongside others!”

Bishop Al Gwinn
Retired Bishop United Methodist Church